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Comic Notes

  Jades Top Furry Webcomics

This comic was inspired by "Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds."

Chapter Guide

Book One:

Chapter 1: Rabbits Move In Wacky antics occur as Dynamite and Detonator move to the city and meet their new neighbors. (33 comic strips)

Chapter 2: Storage Problems More wacky antics as Dynamite and Detonator find a safe place to store their explosive equipment. (7 comic strips)

Chapter 3: House Warming Party Get to know some of the Grass Roots residents at the house warming party. (5 comic strips)

Chapter 4: Grass Roots History Cassidy explains how the house was built, how the garden was planted and how she, Maxwell, Clayton, Clive, Blair and Vincent became neighbors. (35 comic strips)

Chapter 5: Bicycle Ride Dynamite and Detonator hire the local paper boy to help them deliver their explosives. The idea is as bad as it sounds. (7 comic strips)

Current StoryChapter 6: Introducing Leslie Leslie is a Grass Roots resident who's back in town. (8 comic strips)

Chapter 7Chapter 7: Stray Cat Clayton brings home another stray animal. But ths mysterious cat could be more trouble than he's worth. (14 comic strips)

Ch 8Chapter 8: A Night on the Town Blair wants to cruise the night spots. Dynamite and Detonator want to tag along. Clive wants to make trouble. (10 comic strips)

Ch 9Chapter 9: The Stripe-Tailed Hawk Clayton takes Dynamite and Detonator to the forest to help save a endangered animals. (14 comic strips)

intermissionInterlude #1 A series of stand-alone comics with no long story arc. (4 comic strips)

Ch 10Chapter 10: Identity Crisis Cassidy's sisters come to visit. Cassidy is forced to confront some truths about herself, which leads to a domino effect of odd problems for the other residents. (10 comic strips)

Chapter 11: How Caius Stole Christmas Christmas comes to the Grass Roots House. Can Caius be trusted around the gifts and other holiday valuables? (22 comic strips)

Book Two:

Chapter 12: House Inspection The Grass Roots House is past due for an inspection. Surely, everyone can keep their odd secrets hidden for one evening...right? (17 comic strips)

Interlude #2: Short stories and stand alone comics, mostly about toys and games. Includes the "Stealth Elf" comics. (6 comics)

Chapter 13: Teenage Crush Blair agrees to run a business meeting for his uncle. But the client is girl who had a crush on Blair back when they were teenagers. This could get complicated. (13 comics)

Chapter 14: Beta Test Dynamite and Detonator need to test their new explosives, much to the dismay of everyone else. (6 comics)

Chapter 15: Manuscript A mysterious book causes trouble. (18 comic strips)

Chapter 16: Techno-Babble A series of stand alone comics relating to computers and technology. (in progress)