It’s that time of year again.

As long time readers know, each year, I like to spend a little time decorating custom Easter eggs. Then, I take pictures of the eggs and post them in a special Easter egg gallery. The best part? Each egg is decorated with characters from a different webcomic.

This year’s gallery is finally finished and ready for viewing HERE

The webcomic Easter eggs have always been fun to make and fun to share. Over the years, I’ve broken the ice with a lot of very cool artists and fans. In some cases, sharing this fan art has helped my professional relationships and even friendships. (BTW, did you know that Chris Paulsen really likes fan art?)

However, after seven years of Easter Egg Galleries, I finally feel like I’m running low on material. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the characters in this year’s gallery, so please don’t feel like any of them are bottom-of-the-barrel. (This could not be farther from the truth.) And I do read a lot of great webcomics that I just haven’t been able to include for one reason or another. (For example, I try not to include too many adult comics, as this event skews young.) And I know that there are tons of good comics out there that I haven’t discovered yet, but I probably won’t be picking up five new comics every year just to fill the egg gallery quota. (So far, I’ve never included a webcomic unless I was a regular reader.)

So what does this mean for the future of Easter egg galleries?

Well, I am certainly not going to stop making egg galleries. But, perhaps next year, I will consider a different theme. Maybe I can draw characters from movies, TV, or video games. Or maybe I’ll let the audience pick the theme. Or maybe I’ll alternate between webcomics and other themes. I’m not totally sure yet.

In any event, this year’s gallery is the last time webcomics are guaranteed, so please live it up and enjoy them.

I look forward to what next year will bring and I might even come up with an answer sometime before the last possible minute.

Happy Easter.