If you’ve been reading the comics, or, more specifically, the comments below the comics, you already know that something is in the works.

Draconis Wicked is almost half over. The original script calls for eighteen chapters, plus a short prologue and an epilogue. Once Chapter Nine concludes, our tale will be solidly at the mid point.

A visual representation of where we are in the story

I was planning to launch right into the next chapter, but this midpoint feels too important to let it pass by unrecognized. So, we will be celebrating the midpoint with an “Ask Blog” event.

Everybody likes Ask Blogs, right? Readers can send in their general questions about the story or ask a question directly to a character. It doesn’t even have to be a question. You can send a message or even send a fan service request, if that’s your thing.

On July 31 (the week after the last page of Chapter Nine), I’ll post some comics that will answer your questions. I can’t guarantee I’ll take every question or comment, but I’ll try to take every one that’s fit to print.

What’s more, these ask comics won’t be limited to Mondays only. I’ll post a new one either every day or every other day (depending on how long they take to draw.)

You can send your questions anywhere. Post your question here in the comments below, send an email, post them to Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, or use the ever-popular “Yell them at me on the street” option (no internet required).

I already have a few questions, but I’d love to take more. Keep checking the blog and the comic notes for more details.