(Originally posted Dec. 24, 2010)

It’s almost Christmas and excitement is in the air (or it’s long past Christmas if you’re not reading this on the day that it was posted) as we all anxiously await that visit from Santa Claus (or he’s come and gone, depending on when you read this.)

The funny thing about Santa Claus is how well his complete image has stuck with us. The popular design for Santa (old, fat, bearded guy in a fuzzy red and white suit) has been the universally accepted standard ever since the Coca Cola Company used it in their 1930’s commercials. Now a days, every Christmas special, movie, commercial, Christmas card, storybook, parade, charity collection, hot coco mug, or beanie baby that features Santa uses this same design, down to the last detail.

Actually, there is only one aspect of Santa’s appearance that we all can’t quite agree on. What the heck color are Santa’s mittens? Most cartoons show him wearing green mittens so that the hands are more easily animated. The Thanksgiving Day parade features Santa with white gloves. Sometimes he wears brown driving gloves, or red mittens that match his suit.

I enjoy the idea that the people of the world have memorized and standardized every aspect of this character’s appearance, right down to the shape of his belt buckle, yet we never managed to decide on all of the colors.

What color do you think Santa’s mittens are? Figure it out because that is the one touch that will make your version of Santa unique.

And if anyone’s asking me, they’re green.

Merry Christmas


P.S. Some designs show Santa wearing spectacles. What’s up with that?