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Art Portfolio

The Lepus Studios Art Gallery features some highlights from Marjorie Rishel's art portfolio. These are works of fine art in variety of mediums. Click an image to see a larger picture.

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More Stuff

marioSuper Mario Sculpture Gallery - My Nintendo-themed fan art

pokePokemon Sculpture Gallery - More fan art

egg 2010 Easter Egg Gallery - See photos of webcomic-themed Easter Eggs from the Spring of 2010.

egg 2011 Easter Egg Gallery - Same as above, except for 2011.

egg 2012 Easter Egg Gallery - Again, but for 2012.

egg 2013 Easter Egg Gallery - and 2013.

egg 2014 Easter Egg Gallery - also 2014.

figure Animations - My experiments in animation - In Flash!

fan artFan Art / Guest Art - Lepus inspired art work created artists, and readers. Do you have anything to share?

My Student Works:

flip Flip Side - A Fantasy/Comedy I drew back in high school. Features the first appearence of Clive. (15 pages)

fuzzy Scourge of the Flip Side - A short follow-up to Flip Side. It was originally made for a Graphic Illustration class I took in college. The only comic I colored by hand. (4 pages)

scourge Creature University - A comic strip I drew for my college newspaper during my final semester as an undergraduate student. The story is not related to the Flip Side stories, but it does include the Flip Side dragon. (14 comic strips)