Easter Eggs 2017

It’s another gallery of Easter Eggs, decorated with characters from as my comics and some other beloved webcomics as well.

Jester from Draconis Wicked (by me)

Everyone’s favorite lion swordsman. He can match most enemies in battle, but will he ever defeat his inferiority complex?

 Tributes to Other Web Comics

Cucumber and Almond from Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G.

Cucumber and Almond are on a quest to save their kingdom from some shadowy foes. With Cucumber’s magic and Almond’s swordsmanship, they might pull it off …unless there is more to their mission than simply squishing baddies.

Cucumber Quest is an original story with video-game inspired art and plot points. It actually debuted the same year as Draconis Wicked, yet I didn’t even know it existed until last fall. Ain’t life funny?

The Commander from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly Turnbull

Just your average story about a hardcore super soldier from the future who also helps movie and video game tough guys reintegrate back into civil society. Cool under fire or in times of peace, The Commander is whatever kind of masculinity is the opposite of toxic masculinity. (Vaccine masculinity?)

Wolf Druid from Binwin’s Minions by Tavis Maiden

(Also featuring some concepts and characters by Scott Kurtz)

Ever have a Dungeons and Dragons adventure that doesn’t quite get off the ground the way you expected? Veteran adventure Binwin Bronzebottom is trying to assemble a crack team of adventures. Instead, he gets an overconfident magician, a clumsy warrior, a talentless thief, and, of course, a half-feral druid.

Elle from Mias and Elle by Jenny Clements

Elle’s a resourceful and contemplative girl who has the misfortune of getting tangled up with a sneaky sorcerer from another world. She may have some powers of her own too, which will either aide her or make her a target for more powerful magic-users.

Star Matron from Super Fogeys by Brock Heasley

Star Matron is the classiest version of Star Maiden from the long-running series about what happens after super heroes retire. It’s a complicated story, but it’s never hard to follow.

Unfortunately, this egg cracked before I finished the colors. If you know anything about Star Maiden, you’ll know exactly how sad this is.

 And Finally…

This year’s “All in one basket” photo substituted this cool ceramic leaf for the traditional basket.