Easter Eggs 2016

More of my ever-popular hand made Easter Eggs. As always, the designs sport images of my own characters, plus a few tributes to other beloved webcomics.

 Dr. Yapix from Draconis Wicked (by me)


The Draconis Wicked team’s resident scholar. Their quest would be lost without Yapix’s research. He can’t look away from his book long enough for me to sketch his picture.

 Scatter from Urban Underbrush (by me)


Scatter is a pathological liar and the wildest of wild cards. You can love her or hate her, but either reaction won’t change her.

 Tributes to Other Web Comics

 Elvis and Beatrix from Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn


Elvis is the intrepid cat reporter. Beatrix is the adorable kitten. Together, they’ll let us know about everything a cat finds newsworthy.

Kera from Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter


Who wouldn’t love a loyal pet monster made from their own hair? In the world of Monster Pulse, anyone can have a devoted monster companion. The only catch is that they’re made from a random living piece of your body. When I explained the concept to my sister, Liz, she replied, “Better hope for an appendix monster.”

 Momo from Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques

(Note: QC is for adult audiences)


Questionable Content is just a slice of life story, assuming your life is about twenty-something hipsters living among artificially intelligent machines. Momo just happens to be one of the nicest AI’s you could ever hope to meet.  (My friends have wanted to see this comic added to the egg gallery for years.)

Winston from Shadowbinders by Kambrea Pratt and Thom Pratt


A Feeb is sort of like an Easter Bunny, right? Winston is kind of the mascot of The True North, a flying ship that sails the skies of Belatyr with a narcissistic mage for a captain. A tale of magic, adventure, and one human who’s trying to figure out the power that drags her into the thick of it.

 Kylie from Anime Asylum by Tess Langston

16_kylieKylie was just a regular cartoon, living in panel city – until the ink ninjas showed up. Now, if she wants to save her cartoon world, she and her friends must learn every cartoon power from slapstick to anime. A great story for any fans of juxtaposing genres.

 And Finally…

 Here are all the eggs in one basket.




Edit: Bonus Eggs! Today, I was coloring eggs with my little cousins and they requested some additional characters from other parts of the internet.

Presenting Non-Webcomic Characters, as Requested by Small Children



Everyone loves Undertale, right? Perhaps Temmie should try to hatch these eggs too.

Nyan Cat


Is this still a thing? The kids were very insistent that I add Nyan Cat. I suspect they knew I was drawing characters from the internet and quickly came up with the one internet character they remembered.