Ready for Round Five? We’re back again with Easter Eggs featuring Lepus Studios Characters, plus the ever-popular fan art eggs, which feature characters from other great webcomics.

 Flight from Draconis Wicked (by me)


So far, Flight is the only completely decent person on Draconis’s team of ne’er-do-wells. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking she’s naive. Her wisdom will always reveal itself in time.

 Cassidy from Urban Underbrush (by me)


Even though she doesn’t officially hold a job there, Cassidy pretty much runs the Grass Roots House. Sadly, running the place is the last thing a free spirit like Cassidy wants to do. Maybe that’s why she’s so good at it.

 Tributes to Other Web Comics

 Zach from Housepets by Rick Griffin


Might as well put a rabbit in our Easter basket. Zach feels little out of place in the repetitive comic strip-like existence of his household. But in the wild, he’s considered the forest’s greatest prophet. Is a normal life too much to ask for?

 Karl from Fried Chicken and Sushi by Khalid Birdsong


Who wouldn’t love Karl, a slightly awkward teacher and artist with a healthy bit of wonderlust. Enjoy the adventures of an American in Japan as he faces culture clashes so bizarre that they must be somewhat true.

 Coney from Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook


Coney the carnivorous rabbit is the daughter of a rabbit and a wolf. She and her family of various species celebrate each other’s similarities and differences.

 Bob from True Magic by Aja


Bob is the kindly, soft-spoken intellectual who always has a trick up his sleeve. In a land where Bob and his peasant friends are bullied by snooty sorcerers, being smart and nice doesn’t always pay off as it should.

 Ixia from Cloudscratcher by Cody Baier


Military deflector, freedom fighter, trained killer, and kind soul. Quite a list of attributes for one small child. What else would you expect from the crew of the Cloudscratcher?

 And Finally…

 Here are all the eggs in one basket.