Easter Eggs 2012

 This is it! The Third Annual Easter Egg Gallery is up.

Enjoy Easter eggs decorated with Lepus Studio characters, plus tributes to some other favorite webcomics. Happy Easter!

Draconis from Draconis Wicked (by me)

Draconis Egg

Draconis, the anti-hero of my newest comics, Draconis Wicked.

Maxwell McGrath from Urban Underbrush (by me)

Max egg

Maxwell the maintenance man won the “most popular character” poll. It only seemed fitting to put him in the egg gallery.

 Tributes to Other Web Comics

Rhea Snaketail from Slightly Damned by Chu Wilson


Slightly Damned is a story about angels, demons, mortals, secrets, love, and pet rocks. It’s full of twists and turns, yet it’s never hard to follow. (Some mature content)

Charles from The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl

charles egg

The Abominable Charles Christopher features a lovable sasquatch, his animal neighbors, human challengers, and spirit guides. You’ll think the art is the most beautifully crafted thing on the internet. But the story itself is equally well-crafted.

 Dustin from WereGeek by Alina Pete


WereGeek shows us what happens when love and enthusiasm for all thing geeky take hold of us at the primal level. (Probably sounds like a lot of the people you know, right?)

 A Jinxlet from Starslip by Kristopher Straub


One of the best loved sci-fi comics on the internet is now in it’s final decent. Catch it before it’s gone. Jinxlets, of course are still the most adorable creatures in the known universe. I got mine right here somewhere…

 Woo from Sandra and Woo by Oliver Knorzer and Powree

woo egg

A story of a pet racoon and the people who love him. (Some mature content)

 Bill from The Legend of Bill by David Reddick

bill egg

Legend of Bill is your typical fantasy tale of an account-turned-barbarian with a secret past and a powerful destiny.

 And Finally…

Here’s all my eggs in one basket.

all eggs