First Annual Lepus Studios Easter Egg Gallery (2010)

Lepus Studios is running a gallery of Easter Eggs! No, there are no hidden secrets for users to find (but that would be cool.) There are traditional Eggs, made by our founder and resident

The eggs dedicated to Lepus Studios characters, plus a few that pay tribute to some of my favorite webcomics.

I would like to make this an annual traditon, which is fitting since our logo is the Rabbit's Moon. Happy Easter!

Lepus Studio Easter Eggs

Here's the Lepus Studios Logo.

logo egg

Here's Detonator. He's one-half of the Jack Rabbit Brothers.

detonator egg

...And here's the other half of the Jack Rabbit Brothers, Dynamite.

dynamite egg

The Draconis Wicked story is not up yet, but here is Draconis anyway.

draconis egg

And Noko Noko, our lovable mascot!

noko egg

Tributes to Other Web Comics

Arthur, from Sheldon by Dave Kellett.

arthur egg

Flaco, also from Dave Kellett's Sheldon.

flaco egg

Tucker from Pinkerton by Mike Witmer.

tucker egg

Axe Cop by Ethan and Malachai Nicolle.

axe egg

And a Few More Photos

The real Noko Noko and his egg.

noko and egg

Here's all my eggs in one basket.