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Chapter 7, page 5 - Sept. 22, 2014  
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Draconis Wicked Chapters

Draconis Chapter One

Chapter One: Enter Draconis

In the Kingdom of Fabelore, the villianous henchman, Draconis, is sent to uncover a lost treasure for his master. But Draconis discovers that there may be more to this mission than what first appears.

Draconis Wicked Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Heart of the Forest

To complete his mission, Draconis needs an unwitting accomplice. His quest takes him to a forest village, but Phoenix Village may have troubles of its own.

Ch 3

Chapter Three: Enforcers' Outpost

Draconis returns to Sidereal City with his new partner, but some unforseen complications will send him on a much longer journey. And before it can even start, he'll have to outwit the Wicked Enforcers.


Chapter Four: Stray Saber

Draconis and company are on their way to Chisel Town. To keep from being seen, they need to take a secret route through the Forest of Mists. But the forest's inhabitants will make the journey difficult, especially one very wild animal.


Chapter Five: The Journal of Dr. Yapix

Chisel Town at last! But Draconis's investigation only raises more questions. A certain scholar may have the answers, if only someone could find him.


Chapter Six: Trails and Tribulations

Draconis has a new destination, but how will he reach it? The team agrees to take the mysterious Merchants' Trail, a place terriorized by bandits and, possibly, some unworldly dangers as well.


Chapter Seven: Bloodlines and Outcasts

To continue on their journey, Draconis and his team must travel through the domain of some fierce warriors. At least one warrior may be on their side, but he has issues of his own.