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June 30, 2014  
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Yep. I've had a run of bad luck and it's going to take me some time to bounce back.

Check the blog for the whole story.

Draconis Wicked Chapters

Draconis Chapter One

Chapter One: Enter Draconis

In the Kingdom of Fabelore, the villianous henchman, Draconis, is sent to uncover a lost treasure for his master. But Draconis discovers that there may be more to this mission than what first appears.

Draconis Wicked Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Heart of the Forest

To complete his mission, Draconis needs an unwitting accomplice. His quest takes him to a forest village, but Phoenix Village may have troubles of its own.

Ch 3

Chapter Three: Enforcers' Outpost

Draconis returns to Sidereal City with his new partner, but some unforseen complications will send him on a much longer journey. And before it can even start, he'll have to outwit the Wicked Enforcers.


Chapter Four: Stray Saber

Draconis and company are on their way to Chisel Town. To keep from being seen, they need to take a secret route through the Forest of Mists. But the forest's inhabitants will make the journey difficult, especially one very wild animal.


Chapter Five: The Journal of Dr. Yapix

Chisel Town at last! But Draconis's investigation only raises more questions. A certain scholar may have the answers, if only someone could find him.


Chapter Six: Trails and Tribulations

Draconis has a new destination, but how will he reach it? The team agrees to take the mysterious Merchants' Trail, a place terriorized by bandits and, possibly, some unworldly dangers as well.