About the Story


Draconis Wicked is a video game-inspired fantasy tale. In the distant land of Fabelore, Draconis is a henchman who serves the villainous Malcorona. While completing a mission for his master, Draconis stumbles upon the path to an ancient magic artifact. This artifact could give him enough power to rule the world. Instead of giving this information to his master, Draconis decides to quest for the artifact himself. To succeed, he will need to gather a team, find weapons, and improve his skills, all while avoiding Malcorona’s attention. This is a story of deception, sneakiness, greed, courage, loyalty, and possible redemption.

The rest of the information on this page is the rules of the world. You don’t have to read all of this to understand the story, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to know how fantasy worlds work, then you’ve come to the right place. As for the rest of you, I suggest that you just read one or two catagories that interest you. Maybe later, something in the story will seem unclear and you may want to come back and use this page as a reference. Enjoy.

The Kingdom of Fabelore

Sidereal Castle

Our story takes place in the kingdom of Fabelore, a typical fairytale kingdom with a few twists of its own. Many different environments exist within the kingdom, including forests, fields, deserts, swamps, and tropics. Is Fabelore surrounded by other countries? It’s not important to the story, so you may as well consider Fabelore to be the entire known world.

The People


All of the people of Fabelore are part of the same human-like species, but each of them has an animal attribute as well.  The people acknowledge their similarity to animals, but they consider themselves to be a very different species.

Small towns and villages are usually populated by people with the same attribute. For example, Phoenix Village is completely populated by bird people. Larger cities tend to be more diverse. Sidereal City is home to many different kinds of animal-people.

Generally, the people of Fabelore acknowledge one another’s animal attributes, but they don’t place too much significance on them. They regard their animal qualities the way humans may regard eye color or hair color. Very few groups object to people with different attributes mixing, courting or even marrying. Those who do object usually do so because of politics, not prejudices.

If people with different animal attributes have children, each offspring can inherit either the mother’s traits or the father’s traits, but not both. For example, if a dog man marries a cat woman, their son may be born a dog person or a cat person, but not a dog/cat hybrid. Some children may take after their mother, while others may take after their father, so it is possible for a dog person to have a cat person for a brother or sister.

The average citizen of Fabelore is about three feet tall, but some can grow as tall as five feet.

There is little difference in strength between males and females (males are generally stronger, but only slightly). As a result of this, there is no inequality between the genders. Males and females often do the same kinds of work.

The citizens of Fabelore will refer to themselves as “people” but never as “humans.”

Plants and Animals


Apart from the people, Fabelore is populated by flora and fauna almost exactly like the ones we know. There are also some “fantasy” life forms, such as carnivorous plants, monsters, dragons and unicorns. These are usually rarer.

Magic and Spellcasting


Magic is no secret in Fabelore. Magic users are known as spellcasters, who perform spells by drawing power from their own spirits. Spellcasting requires both concentration and use of incantations.

Shadow Venom Sorcerers are a lesser class of Spellcaster. They are venomous creatures that use the poison in their bodies to make a bond with the darkness. Shadow Venom Sorcerers can only perform two spells: They can become invisible in darkness and they can telport small objects into other people’s shadows by casting their own shadow over the object. Only venomous creatures can become Shadow Venom Sorcerers, but not all venomous creatures are able to do so. Because of the differences in their abilities, there is often resentment between Shadow Venom Sorcerers and other Spellcasters.

Spellcasters can create magic items. Items that amplify power can only be used by spellcasters. Every good spellcaster owns a staff, which is used to focus power.  Accessories like pendants or bracelets boost power. Some spells can’t be performed without them.

Other magic items can be used by everyone. These are usually regular items that have been enchanted. These items can only have one enchantment. For example, a sword may be use magic to strike harder or it may use magic to protect its user, but not both.

Magic potions are made from magic rocks or plants. They can be made by anyone and used by anyone. Potion making is common knowledge among apothecaries.

With the exception of Shadow Venom Magic, all magic can be used for healing. However, it usually requires advanced knowledge to do this.

Technology and Progress


Most of Fabelore’s technology is runs on clockworks or steam. There has also been some experimentation with using wind, water, or natural gasses, but these energy sources are not widely used yet. Fabelore has never had an industrial revolution, but their technology is steadily improving.

Most of Fabelore’s technology is created and operated by scholars, who are both mechanics and engineers. Education has not become specialized yet, so scholars may study in more than one area. For example, it is not uncommon for a scholar to study mechanics, medicine and world history.


The costumes in this story have a lot of different influences. Historical, classic, contemporary, eastern, western, functional, formal, just about anything goes. How do all these styles fit together? Try not to think about it too much. Okay, there is one solid rule: the people of Fabelore don’t like outfits with a lot of details. The people are generally kind of short and detailed clothing looks messy on small bodies.

That’s it. My personal thanks to anyone who read all of this. You have shown great dedication to Draconis Wicked. I hope that my works won’t disappoint you.