(Dragon Man)

The unlikely hero of the story, Draconis is a self-serving henchman, working for the villianous Malcorona. He’s tough, but not the strongest of Malcorona’s “Wicked Enforcers.” Instead, Draconis has climbed the ranks thanks to his cleverness and resourcefullness. Slightly reckless, Draconis often takes chances on wild schemes and long-shots. He enjoys fighting, but only when he thinks it’s necessary. In spite of his many flaws, Draconis can be surprisingly brave and loyal when it suits him.



(Bird Woman)

Sweet and sympathetic, Flight may appear naive, but she knows more than she lets on. Her supernatural gift for intuition and insight might come in handy, or at least make it harder for Draconis to trick her. Flight is also a talented musician. Her special Wind Flute can summon gusts when she plays the right tune.



(Snake Girl)

Snakey is an eleven-year-old orphan with a mysterious past. She’s resourceful, but sometimes finds herself in over her head. She is clever and tough, but she likes to complain when things don’t go her way.



(Saber Griffin)

Saber is a saber griffin, a wild animal found only in the lower mountains of Fabelore. The runt of his litter, Saber never grew wings like the other members of his pack. He was left behind to fend for himself. Saber’s keen instinct led him to follow Draconis and his friends. For an animal, Saber is
remarkably intelligent and loyal.


Doctor Yapix

(Rat Man)

Once a renowned scholar, Dr. Yapix has been unjustly discredited for his eccentric theories. Although he is usually a good man, Yapix is very arrogant and his pride often leads him astray. Yapix has agreed to join Draconis as an advisor in the hopes that their quest will prove his theories true and restore his damaged reputation.



(Lion Man)

A quiet young man, Jester is the only adopted son of the Alpha Lupine Warrior tribe, the most renowned fighters in Fabelore. Even among his adopted family, Jester is an outsider. Being raised under these conditions has made Jester a fierce warrior with a kind heart and little confidence.



(Insect Man)

Cloaker hates everyone, especially Draconis. He also works as one of Malcorona’s Wicked Enforcers. He craves power , but never seems to enjoy any powers he gains. Cloaker is a Shadow Venom Sorceror, which means he can use the venom in his own body to bond with the darkness. He can become invisible in darkness and send messages through shadows.



(Dragon Man)

The villain of our story, Malcorona is dark and cruel. He takes advantage of the fractured world and tries to rebuild it a way that best serves himself. He has a curious interest in the myths and history that surround the kingdom’s past.



(Dragon-Fly Woman)

A disturbingly accurate fortune-teller who takes a special interest in Draconis’s quest.


Captain Barker

(Dog Man)

Barker is the captain of the Fabelore Royal Guard, the country’s police department. Unfortunately, with out a king and a proper government, the laws of Fabelore have become a bit open to interpretation. Bad-tempered Barker chooses to interpret them as strict and controlling.


Lieutenant Howley

(Dog Man)

Captain Barker’s assistant. Howley is a young man who has only recently become an officer. He has not yet decided how he should enforce the laws or what kind of officer he should be.



(Cat Lady)

“I hunt and kill Wicked Enforcers…until I can kill Malcorona himself.” The dark, stern and mysterious Lyric seems to keep her life and motives hidden. We know this much about her: She’s a powerful spellcaster. She wants to kill Malcorona and everyone who works for him. She lost her left arm. She means business.

The People of Fabelore

Citizens of Sidereal City

Sidereal City is the largest and most diverse of all the towns in Fabelore. All types of people live here and no one group is dominant.

Bird People

The Bird People live in Phoenix Village, a town built in the trees of the Windchime Forest. They like to keep to themselves and rarely leave the forest. In the past, Phoenix Village welcomed outsiders and kept up with modern culture, but the recent influence of Malcorona has made them more withdrawn and suspicious. They are a tradition-based society, led by a small group of respected elders.

Wicked Enforcers

The Wicked Enforcers are Malcorona’s elite guards. Only those who have been personally invited by Malcorona can achieve this rank. They are a diverse group of exceptional individuals with great talents and few morals. They can be identified by the tag and collar they all wear as a sign of loyality and servitude to their master.

Although the Wicked Enforcers are his army, Malcorona does not trust any of them completely. He constantly employs a series of secret tests to check their alligiance to him.

Sheep Dog Ranchers

The Sheep Dog people live on the farms and ranches just southwest of Sidereal City. They are generally good natured and hard-working. Many of them have left been forced to leave their homes after having the fruits of their labor stolen or exploited by Malcorona.

Alpha Lupine Warriors

The tribe of wolf people known as the Alpha Lupine Warriors are strongest and most elite warriors in the kingdom. Once, they were the the king’s knights, having no other calling than to serve the crown. Without a king, the Alpha Lupines act as soldiers for hire.

Alpha Lupines are very traditional. They have many rules about how a warrior is supposed to live. They believe themselves to be special and gifted as warriors, superior to all others. They are very protective of their way of live and their bloodline.