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This is a map of Fabelore, the kingdom where Draconis Wicked takes place. Click on a place to read it’s profile and learn more about it. Only the places that Draconis has visited in the comic are active on the map. As the journey contines, more places will become active.

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1. Sidereal City

Draconis’ home, Sidereal City is the royal capital of all of Fabelore. It is home to Sidereal Castle and the Royal Court and The Fabelore Royal Guard. The villains also use the city as their headquarters. Malcorona’s Fortress and the Wicked Enforcer Outpost are located on opposite sides of the city.

2. The Wind Chime Forest and Phoenix Village

The old and mysterious Wind Chime Forest is a located just south of Sidereal City. It houses many wild animals. Phoenix Village, home of the bird people lays in the trees, close to the largest known tree; the Heart of the Forest.

3. The Forest of Mists

A pine forest grows at the foot of the mountain range. It is permanently shrouded it the mists that are blocked in by the tall trees and cliffs. The forest is a perfect place to hide the secret refugees who have fled Malcorona’s attacks.

4. Chisel Town

Once a humble mining town, Chisel Town has attracted mechanics and scholars who want to be close to the supply of fresh minerals. Here, you can also find the Yapix Observatory and the Canyon Prison.

5. Merchants’ Trail

Many merchants and traders must use the road that connects Chisel Town and the western farm lands. Be wary of thieves and highwaymen.

6. Alpha Lupine Village and Training Ground

The North Mountain Pass is blocked by the Alpha Lupine Training Ground. Alpha Lupine Warriors live in the barracks and oversee travelers who pass through their training ground, a dangerous swampland.

7. City of Watershed

At a place where five rivers meet, there is a city built on the water. New technology let the residents use wind and water power to mett all their needs. But this new technology hides secrets of its own.

8. Spellcaster Village

The secluded village of friendly spellcasters remains protected from Malcorona and the influence of the outside world… wait… what’s going on here?