This week, we’re moving away from what webcomics like best, pop-culture. Now we’re moving on to what webcomics like second-best, shipping.

Yes, Vincent and Leslie are in a relationship. Up until now, I’ve been giving Vincent a hard time. He gets picked on and has to do all the office work. So now he gets a cute, fun girlfriend to balance his life out.

I’ve been thinking for a while about the best ways to introduce this new element. I wanted you to get to know Leslie as an individual before you got to know her as a part of a couple. There are too many love stories that focus on only one of the partners, reducing the other to an underdeveloped accessory.

Also, I wanted Vincent and Leslie to be pretty well established in their relationship. I didn’t want to tell the story of them getting together. The story I wrote in high school involved Vincent wanting to pursue Leslie, but having trouble getting over his shyness. The idea of telling that story again didn’t hold any interest for me. Plus, people always expect those “when will they get together” stories to go on and on. I wanted to skip to the next phase. Maybe I’ll tell the story of their meeting in a flashback, if people are interested (yes, there is a story in place).

The nature of this relationship will be revealed in the next few strips, but I will clear up three things for you right now.
1.) The relationship is not one-sided. Right now, Vincent just looks stunned because he’s been caught off guard, but he is into Leslie.
2.) Leslie is not actually living with Vincent. If you check the house plans, you can see that Leslie rents the room next door.
3.) Maxwell gives his blessing. He is cool with the idea of his sister and his friend dating.