Finally, the first story arc is heading to a resolution. Next week, we’ll have some aftermath, followed by a short intermission. Then I get to start a new story, which is good because I really wanted to add a storyline selector to the Archive page, but I only had one storyline, so I thought it would be too confusing.

Most Urban Underbrush stories will not be as long as this one. I just took me a while to introduce all the characters, situations, places etc. Plus, I knew that if I didn’t use some introduction jokes now, I would never get another chance.

The coloring on this one is a little different. Usually, I just do all of the colors on one layer to save time. This time, I tried putting the background on a separate layer so I could use a gradient overlay to add some even shadows to each panel. In other words, the background gradually gets a little darker at the bottom of each panel, but the characters do not. Its very subtile, almost undetectable, but I think it sort of works on a subconscious level.

I haven’t really chosen an official color style for Urban Underbrush yet. But, you learn by doing, so expect more experiments in the weeks ahead.