In this particular comic strip, I had some decisions to make, regarding the layout of the building and other things that will become permanent fixtures of this comic. For example, I had used the van before in an earlier comic book, but I never gave much thought to how it would appear in color. Originally, I thought it would be a plain off-white unmarked van. I even started coloring the comic with those colors in mind.

alt panel

I changed the paint job for two reasons: First, Dynamite and Detonator already have off-white fur. Every time the rabbits would appear in a comic strip as the van, we’d be stuck looking at too much of the same color. (Their fur color is a little darker and warmer that the van color, but it’s still too close.) Second, people told me that plain unmarked vans are kind of creepy. (My cousin called them “kidnapper vans.”)

Blue is a nice neutral color, but I went with a darker, grayer blue so the van can stand out against the sky.

The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine paint job was rejected for copyright reasons.

I am trying to think about these things now while my comic is still young. I can accept the fact that certain details will change as my style improves, but I would like to avoid having to change things later due to poor planning now.

By the way, that van is probably one of the better vehicles that I have ever drawn. I usually stink at drawing cars and stuff, but this drawing is down right passable. However, it did take me an absurd amount of time to get the lines right.