After the first few comics, I’ve been trying to space out my character introductions, but it makes sense to introduce pets and their owners together. It will help you to remember them. Right now, Slasher (the dog) and Blair (the person) are antagonistic bullies, but that won’t be their only role in the story. Some days they’ll be a little nicer. In the original comic, Blair was the self-appointed leader who believed that the world revolves around him. His pushiness assertiveness would get him into trouble. Urban Underbrush has a larger cast and more stories, so I may need to tone Blair down a little. Just enough so he doesn’t throw the story out of balance.

Oddly enough, I originally gave all of the other characters last names years ago, but I never came up with a last name for Blair. My sister Liz begged me to name him “Blair Burton” after Jack Burton, Kurt Russell’s character from the movie “Big Trouble in Little China”. Why? Because Jack Burton was another character who believed that he was hero of his own story. Of course, Jack was right. Blair, unfortunately, is not.

Also, we love 80’s movies.