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Another face from my distant past. Colette and Aloysius were actually a couple from a children’s fairytale I wrote when I was seventeen. I was trying to invent an RPG style story for little girls so they wouldn’t grow up feeling excluded from game and fantasy genres.

The young lovers were not the heroes of the story. The lead character was a little girl wolf cub named Lupus, who was on a quest to save her valley from an evil sorceror, reuniting her human friends in the process. Seventeen-year-old me had this idea that always giving the love story to the lead characters in children’s stories wasn’t the best idea, as love and romance are not a part of a child’s direct experience. That was actually pretty insightful. Space-time continuim high-five, seventeen-year-old me.

If you are wondering, no, I have no plans to ever go back and publish those stories. First of all, when I wrote the story back in the 90’s, wacky fairytales weren’t as played out as they are now. Second, I sort of sold the narrator character to a small video game company a few years back. (Of course, they had me do a total redesign, so I could probably get away with using his original likeness, but still…)