Cassidy and Clayton support the same causes, but their methods are different. These character development scenes are necessary to keep the story in balance. I don’t want to get too political, but I might let some of my views slip out once in a while. And then, I don’t want to endorse fanaticism too much. I want to endorse it just the right amount.

I have been waiting for weeks to draw Cassidy in a different outfit. The T-shirt and fringe vest looked really good in sketches and model sheets, but in the comic strips, she looked sort of cluttered and boyish. Of course, I couldn’t change her clothes in the middle of a scene. So I just had to put up with the old outfit until the story let her step out for a bit.

Meanwhile, I have managed to finish coloring all of the old comic strips. Skim the archives. I think you will agree that color is an improvement.