Okay, so I’ve started posting color comics. They take a little bit longer, but I think that the results are worth it. Up ’till now, I’ve avoided color because coloring takes a little more time and I’m not sure what is going to happen if I ever get to print a book (as we all know, printing in color is much more expensive than printing in black-and-white or grayscale). I decided to give color a shot for three reasons: #1, Color makes the webpage look a little more inviting. #2, I’m hoping to learn more about cartooning from doing this comic, so I want to try new things. #3, I am adding a sizable cast of characters to this story. I think color characters are more memorable and, therefore, easier to keep track of.

I plan on going back and colorizing the old comics, little by little. Check the archives. Comic #1 has already been colored.

I hope you all approve of the changes. I’m hoping to add more stuff in the weeks ahead so stay tuned.