We’ve made it to 100 comics! No, I didn’t do a special comic for the 100th installment or the Thanksgiving holiday (although I did write a food joke. Does that count?) I want to keep moving the story along and I don’t plan on stopping it for every milestone.

It is nice that the 100th comic just happened to land on Thanksgiving. It makes it easier to acknowledge how grateful I am to have this website. I’m also grateful to you, the readers, for helping to make this possible. Since Lepus Studios started, a lot of readers have come and gone (and I suspect that several of my departed twitterfollowers were only using me for links backs) but many of you have been following from the start and many of you have jumped on later and never left. To think that there are people out there who are willing to give my work their time and attention is very flattering and a little overwhelming. So thanks.