Lyric has joined your party. But you probably expected that to happen. And if you’ve been paying attention, you knew something was up with Lyric and that map.

There are only five pages left in this chapter (including the splash page at the end.) Then Draconis Wicked will be about half over. I want to do something to commemorate the mid-point. I think it’s about time to take some reader questions. If you have a question about the story, the world, the creative process, or even a question for a character, submit it. If I can, I’ll answer your question in the form of a comic. I’ll even accept questions anywhere I’m on the internet. Post your question here in the comments, send an email, or even post them to Facebook or Twitter. Heck, even send to them to DeviantArt, if that’s your thing. I’m pretty good at checking those messages.

And please ask questions about my comics only. I don’t need that dad joke where you ask me about baseball stats or something (yes, I’m talking to you, guy from my last garage sale.)