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Can everyone tell what’s going on here? It’s not easy to explain how the plants are moving, while using only still pictures. Too bad this isn’t a 1940’s comic book. Anyone ever read those really old comics where each panel has a narration box explaining everything that’s happening, just incase the pictures aren’t doing the trick? Here’s what 1940’s narration would look like for today’s comic. For best results, imagine it being read in by an old-timey radio show announcer.

Panel 3: Draconis begins to panic as the malicious plants close in around him.

Panel 4: Flight looks on, as Draconis is lost in the sea of flowers…

Panel 5: …only to emerge seconds later…

Panel 6: …before being dragged under once again.

Panel 7: But what’s this? The sound of Flight’s flute can be heard once again.

Panel 8: The plants break their grip on Draconis…

Panel 9: …and turn towards the sound of the flute.

Oh, that heavy-handed writing style from the golden age of comics.