(Originally posted Jan. 28, 2011)

How many of you read other webcomics? To you webcomic fans, this may seem like a pointless question. What you must understand is that a large percentage of my readers are relatives who follow my work out of pity.

If you do read other comics, then you almost certainly read Axe Cop (comics written by a six-year-old and drawn by his 30-year-old brother.) And if you follow Axe Cop, you probably know that they are celebrating their first aniversary this week. And if you’ve been following the aniversary (aka “axeiversary”) you know that they are celebrating with art and guest comics contributed by other artists and web cartoonists. Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

This week, my guest comic debuted on Axe Cop. It had the honor of being the first comic posted and, last time I checked, it was pretty well received. My topic was “Axe Cop and Video Games” which is a theme both the young and old readers can get behind.

If you haven’t been there yet, drop by the Axe Cop site. Quite a few talented artists and writters are contributing their work.

And congratulations to the Nicolle Brothers for a solid year of quality comics.