Well, we’ve had the old Lepus Site for a year now, and it’s time for some changes. I’ve kept most of the old design, but I tried to get rid of some of the clutter.

I suspected that the site needed an overhaul when I added Draconis Wicked to the mix. Right from the beginning, I had always expected to add Draconis Wicked to the existing site. When Draconis finally joined us, I thought it would be like adding a second story to an existing house. It was more like suspending a brick from a sculpture made from wire. It can be done, but it should be done carefully or everything collapses under it’s own weight.

So here’s a breakdown of our new features:
1.) The Home Page is now a hub for the site’s most important features.
2.) The Draconis Wicked page is now a mini home page for all things Draconis and the Urban Underbrush page does the same for the Urban Underbrush comics.
3.) The Blog is no longer stuck to the comics. I now write the blogs on Google’s Blogger and run them to the site via Feedburner. Older posts should be stored on Blogger, including all past blogs. (I moved them to blogger last week. It took too long.)

Other things may have moved around or changed color or something, but I think you’ll be able to find everything. If you spot any flaws or broken links, feel free to email me or leave a message on Facebook.

This seemed like the perfect time to kick up the site a little because this is one of those rare times when both Urban Underbrush and Draconis Wicked are starting new chapters at the same time. We’ll be meeting some new characters and following new adventures and there will be some shifts in the current dynamics. I hope you’ll follow long.



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