(Originally posted Feb. 17, 2011)

As you probably already know, Urban Underbrush is my first webcomic. More than that, it’s my first real project, the first time I took a story that I had written and drawn and went public with it (having eight readers still counts as public, right?)

I may have never gotten this project off the ground if a friend of mine hadn’t given me a copy of “How to Make Webcomics,” the book that’s become the authority on webcomicking (that’s a word now).

“How to Make Webcomics” is an amazing resource. It covers everything from writing and art design to building businesses and online communities.

For a while, the book was hard to get a hold of, due to high demand. But the third printing is hot off the presses. If any of you want to learn more about the fast-paced world of Internet comics, this is the place to start. Buy a copy here:


I still have my copy and it’s still serving me well. Some day, I’m going to get all four authors to sign it, but so far, I only got Brad Guigar. Still pretty cool considering that Brad has made himself the leading expert in webcomic education – and I don’t take kindly to anyone who says otherwise. (Note: I’m glaring menacingly at my screen while typing that last part.)


P.S. Bill, I don’t remember if I ever thanked you properly for the book, so thanks.