(originally posted Feb. 26, 2010)
So I’m getting a good number of comics up. Now, I’m starting to think about various ways to improve the site. Last week, I activated my site’s email account. Now, I’m thinking about adding links to other comic sites. For those of you who don’t read webcomics habitually, web cartoonists often keep a linked list of their own favorite comics visible on their site. Readers can learn about the cartoonist’s tastes, find new favorite comics, and create a stronger network among independent artists.

So I am faced with some tough questions. Which comics do I link? How should I organize them? Right now, my site is appropriate for readers of all ages, so should I only link to other general audience sites? Should I link to any super popular sites or will those sites seem too obvious? Should I include archives of comics that are no longer running? Why did I draw Detonator’s shoes so big in panel two?

Here’s what I’m thinking: I should have three lists that appear under the navigation signposts. The first list will be comics for all ages. The second list will be comics for adult readers. (The comics on this list may contain bits of violence, language, and such, but they won’t revolve around them. There will be a warning.) The third list will be other stuff (non-comic sites that I am know to frequent).

I am not sure which favorites I should include, but here are a few that I’m thinking about:

There are more than a few other artists I’d like to include, but their sites aren’t particularly art heavy so I haven’t included them. There are also some new sites that I just started following, so I’m not sure if I’m committed enough to add links yet.

What do you think?


P.S. I’ve started signing my blogs, see? Classy!