(Originally posted July 23, 2010)

Here we are at comic number 30. That’s one comic a week for 30 weeks without ever missing an update. Yeah, it’s not the most challenging schedule on the web, but I’m still pretty pleased with how it’s turning out.

Back in January, I built this site from the ground up. But it hasn’t changed much since. Sure, I’ve made a few small improvements over the last seven months, but nothing too dramatic. I want to add more content and features, but work and school are about all I can handle for now.

Usually, when people say “I’m too busy to do this now, I’ll do it later” no one knows if they really mean it. Sometimes people genuinely are too busy to take on extra projects, other times they’re waiting for some perfect moment in their lives that will probably never come. Sometimes they are lying to appear productive. I think the trick to getting things done is to plan for real, concrete moments instead of just waiting for your schedule to free up (schedules never free up) or for the time to feel right (geez, I sound like I’m giving dating advice – scary thought).

For example, I had been drafting this website for ages before I actually launched it. People would ask me if I was ever going to get it started. I told them that I would launch as soon as I had enough HTML background to build and maintain a proper site. I think several people believed that I was never going to finish it (you know you you are), but, two weeks after finished my first web design class, I went live as promised.

Now, I am setting some new concrete goals for myself: to make revisions before the end of August. Right now, the summer art class I am teaching is coming to a close. Then, I should finish graduate school at the end of the month. After that, I’m set to do a little freelance project for The Zombie Opera. That will still leave me with a good chunk of August set aside for building more website.

I can’t tell you about everything I’ve planned, but here are some of the improvements I have in mind:

  • New character desktops
  • Standard icons and images to break up those large text areas
  • An animation section
  • Additions to the Art Gallery
  • More behind-the-scenes comic notes
  • More Noko Noko pictures (everyone loves Noko)

And…(saving the best for last)…news on the Draconis Wicked project.

All that and more, coming soon to an internet near you. Stay tuned.


P.S. Hey, have you noticed how many web comics are taking a short hiatus for San Diego Comic Con? With so many of the good cartoonists gone, people will have no choice but to read my comic! I’m reaping all the benefits!