It seems like I feel a need to clean up my website at least once per year. As you can see, I’ve changed some colors, removed/reduced some patterns, and removed some useless code so the site will load more efficiently (you probably can’t see that last part.)

Actually, I’ve was pretty happy with the old design. Of course, I needed to rearrange some buttons and add a link to my new Deviant ART account. What pushed me over the edge was a something I found in my documents folder. Apparently, I had archived an old version of my site from 2010. It ain’t pretty


Sure, some of the pieces aren’t bad on their own and you can sort of see how this mess evolved into the current version. But the amount of clutter… How did I not notice all the clutter? And if I was blind to the clutter back then, how do I know I’m not blind to terrible amounts of clutter right now? So, with paranoia as my guide, gave the site a little overhaul. It’s now leaner and cleaner than ever before.

I may be making some minor tweaks as the new site settles in, but, for the most part, you can just enjoy the new site…at least until next year…Maybe.