Well, I’m back from work and vacation and I’m ready to return to flooding the internet with more comics.

I’m doing something a little different with Urban Underbrush right now. I’ve been trying my pen at some short, stand-alone comics that don’t belong to any particular story arc. I’ve done some stand-alone comics before, but usually as bookends between chapters. I usually prefer writing big stories, but the big stories aren’t coming as easily lately. It might be time for a change of pace.

Expect this type of comic for the entire month of August. We’ll return to chapters in September. If you’ve been thinking about getting your friends into Urban Underbrush, but you don’t want to make them read the long story arcs, then now might be a good time to introduce people to the comic. As always, each comic has it’s own Facebook and Twitter buttons to make sharing a breeze.

Hope you enjoy the comics.