(Originally posted July 28, 2011)

Excitement is still going strong for the Rishel family. My sister, Emily, is getting MARRIED this coming Saturday so I’ve been filling my days with last minute chores and visits with the relatives who have flown in for the occasion. I’m going to write down a few thoughts about the wedding, even though I should be saving my best material for the wedding toast.

Me and my two sisters, Emily and Liz, have always been pretty close. Growing up, we shared a bedroom, so I think we were forced to either become best friends or kill off the weakest. Fortunately for Liz (Yeah, that’s right, Liz) we decided to go the “friends” route – a decision we’ve only seldom regretted. When the three of us are together, we often carry out animated conversations in an inadvertent secret language of in-jokes and references to shared events. We also pull stunts that you can only do spontaneously with people that you’re in sync with.

The poor sap man Emily has chosen to marry is one of only a few people who not only puts up with our antics, but encourages them. This is a habit so rare among most people that I’m always a little surprised when it happens.

Emily and Chris, the entire Lepus family (which consists of myself and several dozen fictional characters) wishes you all the luck and the world. Have a nice marriage.


P.S. Emily and Liz, we should totally go out for a sushi lunch sometime before Emily leaves the city. Oops, I just told the entire internet our plans. Now they’ll all want to go …Okay, nobody tell them where we’re going, okay?