Here we are, beginning our third year of Lepus Studios. I chose to launch this wacky experiment on a New Year’s Day because I was afraid that if I didn’t choose a day with some significance, I would probably be tempted to put off my launch. Then I might never have gotten started. This year, my fictitious staff and I have made several significant achievements. More guest comics and fan art was drawn, we signed up for advertisements with Project Wonderful, Easter Eggs and Christmas Cards became repeated traditions, we got on twitter, we began our partnership with Ninth Runs Wild and (most importantly) the long-anticipated Draconis Wicked was finally introduced to the world. I’m already brewing up more good stuff for 2012. In January, Draconis Wicked’s Flight will make an appearance in Comic Creators for Freedom’s annual wallpaper project. (I’ll tell you more about that next time.) I’m also going to be a part of something pretty big in either March or April (but I’ll tell you about that one when the time comes.) I’m also trying to figure out ways to update more frequently and I’ve written some new Urban Underbrush stories that are my best yet. Lets begin year three with high hopes for the future! -Marj