“I know a lot of you like to wait until the last minute…well…THIS IS THE LAST MINUTE!”

 Friends, as I write this blog post, there is only one day left in the “Stripped” documentary’s Kickstarter campaign.

In case you haven’t heard, this is a documentary about comic strips made by professional cartoonist Dave Kellet (http://www.sheldoncomics.com/) and professional film maker Fred Schroeder. It’s an amazing project that has a lot of important artists rallying around it. “Stripped” has already met its minimum funding goal, but it’s crazy close to hitting the next goal, which would pay for closed-captioning, animation and lots of other extras. I would really like to see this project become successful. I know I don’t have the biggest following in the world and many of my readers aren’t hard-core comic fans but I would always regret if I didn’t try to help spread the word during the final hours.

Please visit the site, watch the video, then decide if you wish to make a donation. Even if you can’t contribute, you’ll be glad you checked it out.