(Originally posted May 12, 2011)

Something very exciting is happening in the world of webcomics. And I’m the only one who knows about it. Okay, I’m not literally the only person in the world who knows what’s coming, but I’m one of a privileged few who have had a chance to read parts of this brand new comic and I know it’s going to be big.

Kristine Synowka (at ninthrunswild.com) is now launching her first comic, “The Wave Tyrant.” It’s a high-seas fantasy story full of adventure, romance, humor, suspense, surprises, and whatever else people put in great stories.

This is not just another webcomic. Take one look and you’ll know right away that this one is special. The artwork looks like the gifted child of blockprints and watercolors, but it still bubbles with all the charm and personality of animated cartoons. Read just a few lines and you’ll see the craftsmanship of the story. The endearing characters and engaging stories unfold beautifully and genuinely. You’ll get to know the cast them instantly, yet still spend pages and pages learning what’s below the surface. (Okay, the story proper probably hasn’t started yet, but take my word for it. That will happen.)

To help you follow along, I’ll try to keep you up to speed on the important things going on with Wave Tyrant and Ninth Runs Wild. It’s our plan that Lepus Studios and Ninth Runs Wild will be banding together in the future to improve all our comics and make the internet a little more interesting.

So you’ve read the review. Now what are you waiting for? Go visit ninthrunswild.com and get on the boat.

Yes, I did actually say “get on the boat.” Deal with it.


P.S.” Ninth Runs Wild” also has a Facebook page. I suggest you like them now before everyone is doing it.