(Originally posted May 19, 2011)

Not too much to report this week. I’ve been crazy busy with family stuff, plus I’ve been trying to cram some extra drawing time into every spare moment. I’ve finished a couple pages of the big graphic novel, “Draconis Wicked,” but I’m not quite ready to post them yet. It’s still too early to give you an exact launch date yet. I’ve seen that blow up in the faces of too many artists. When things get a little more certain, I’ll give you plenty of advanced notice and we’ll do a countdown and serve punch and do all the other things that go along with launching a new project. Okay?

I will tell you that I’m pleased with how it’s coming together so far. At this stage, Draconis Wicked is more tedious and time-consuming than Urban Underbrush, but in many ways it’s easier to draw and the art is an improvement. I’m hoping that I can apply what I’ve learned to Urban Underbrush and kick up the quality of the artwork around here.

Drop in next week. I may have some teaser pics up.

In the meantime, Wave Tyrant is still going strong. Have you been reading? Have you made friends on Facebook yet?