It’s April First! This year that means it’s April Fools’ Day, April Fanservice Day, and the Wednesday before Easter  are all happening at once.

Here at Lepus Studios, The Wednesday before Easter (often known as “Holy Wednesday” or “Spy Wednesday” by some Christians) is typically the day that the Easter Egg Gallery goes up. Each year, I like to decorate Easter Eggs with pictures of my characters and characters from other webcomics that I enjoy.


If this is the kind of thing that interests you, go check out The Sixth Annual Lepus Studios Easter Egg Gallery and see who’s included this year.


Around the time I started the tradition of posting an egg gallery, cartoonist Aja (author of the comic, True Magic) was starting another beloved tradition – April Fanservice Day. The idea behind Fanservice Day is simple: so many people are spending today playing mean pranks, why not give your readers something nice instead. And that something nice usually takes the form of a saucy pin-up.

I thought about polling my readers to see what kind of Fanservice art you’d be interested in, but, based on past surveys, you’d probably all just ask for more Maxwell. So here you go:


Yer welcome.



I probably need April Fanservice Day to counteract some of the bad karma from regular April Fools’ Day. I have trouble resisting a good prank when a solid plan forms in my mind. And responses to those pranks are about 80% “That’s awesome” and 20% “That’s kind of mean.” So, yeah, it couldn’t hurt to give back a little.

So enjoy this windfall of bonus art. And regular comics will still run tomorrow.