(Originally Posted March 26, 2010)

I’m really happy with the name “March Hare Demolition Contracting” as it implies both rabbits and madness. Want a closer view of the logo? It’s now a free wallpaper in the “Downloads” section.

I love drawing these desert scenes. They look real high quality for very little effort. They also remind me of summer vacations. I have some relatives who live out in California. My family used to drive cross the country and visit them every other summer. So, despite my growing up in the east, I was no stranger to the expansive deserts of North America. Without these experiences, Dynamite and Detonator would probably be very different animals (I mean really different animals, They would probably be another species, or at least another genus). I like the idea of Dynamite and Detonator having ties to a dramatically different place then where they are currently living. It will give me a chance to play with other settings.