If you’ve been visiting this site for more than a year, then you probably know what’s coming. I have finished the Fourth Annual Lepus Studios Easter Egg Gallery. See the eggs here in all their glorious colors and proteins!


 We’ve picked a new crop of webcomics to honor, and I think you’ll be quite pleased with the array of new faces.

 Meanwhile, I have been working a lot of odd jobs lately and even the regular ones have been needing a little extra attention. So it’s been quite a task getting these suckers drawn, colored, photographed and posted on time. Sure, I could have finished them tomorrow when I’d have a little more time on my hands, but then you probably wouldn’t hear about them before the weekend and less people will be online on a holiday… Anyway, the earlier I can get them up, the better, because no one likes stale eggs.

 Seriously, I wanted to finish before Thursday, not just because I implied that I would on various social media, but because this is one of my site’s oldest traditions and I want to make these things a priority no matter how busy the rest of my life gets. Also, even when I’m finishing up the last of the gallery pages at close-to-midnight after working for 8 1/2 hours (not counting drive time) it’s still pretty fun.

 But if any of my blog writing seems choppy or disconnected tonight, please see above.