(Originally posted March 12, 2010)
A few weeks ago, I had started listing other comics that I read, comics I may want to link to from my site. There was one comic that I have been reading for two years which would have been a perfect fit: Chris Baldwin’s “Little Dee”. Little Dee is the story of a little girl who gets lost in the forest. She is rescued by a pack of misfit animals who take her in and look after her until they can find her missing parents. Sounds perfect, right? So, why didn’t I add it to my list? Well, The comic is coming to an end soon and it would be unfair for me to link to it with only a few new episodes left. (Of course, you could always go over and view the archives. Read the whole series at once with no waiting! Instant gratification!)

I really liked this comic and its absence will certainly leave a hole in my daily routine. But I still think it’s good that the comic is ready to end. The author has admitted that he is running out of ideas, but that’s not why I’m okay with the finale. I’m ready for the end because the story was always built on a temporary situation. As much as we love Dee’s Adventures with Ted, Blake, and Vachel, we know that Dee is not where she belongs. If her sweet, wonderful adventures were to continue this way forever, they would all seem very sad.

Sometimes I’m still a little depressed about how Peanuts ended. Charles Schultz wrote a letter to his fans. It was a very nice letter, but I feel a little cheated that, after standing by Charlie Brown through good times and bad, we never got to see if his struggles were rewarded. He never got to hit that home run or hold hands with that Little Red-Haired Girl or even kick that bleepin’ football.

I think the only way to enjoy a light-hearted story that is built on adversity is to have faith that the happy ending will come along some day. Now Chris Baldwin is rewarding our faith. And I can’t wait to see how he does it.