(Originally posted April 9, 2010)

If you tuned in last week, you my have noticed the link to the First Annual Lepus Studios Easter Egg Gallery. I probably should have announced the egg gallery, but by the time I came up with the idea I had already posted the blog for the week and I already had so much news. So I decided to let the gallery speak for itself. Anyway, the Easter Egg gallery will still be up this week and next week so you can still click the link at the top of the page to visit. Or, if you hate scrolling, just click here.

The First Annual Lepus Studios Easter Egg Gallery features Easter Eggs decorated with Lepus Studio characters and some Eggs that pay tribute to other popular webcomics. This year’s gallery featured characters from Dave Kellett’s Sheldon, Mike Witmer’s Pinkerton, and Ethan and Malachai Nicolle’s Axe Cop. All three of the artists have been kind enough to post my egg pictures on their own sites. Mike heroically linked to me twice (once on his Monday blog, once on his Wednesday blog). Ethan responded to my emails about 30 seconds after I sent them (even though he was still sick with the super flu), and Dave has sent me a record-breaking number of new visitors.

I also recieved a flux of new readers from the web comic Sandra and Woo. Ths week, Woo author Oliver Knorzer fixed up his April Fools’ Day site, complete with guest art. So my Woo art, as well as art by the other guest artists, is now appearing on the gag site, on the Artwork page, and prominently displayed in this weeks blog. Mr. Knorzer is certainly giving us our money’s worth (I know webcomics are free, I’m just making a point).

If you are one of the new readers then thank you for coming. More importantly, thank you for coming back. I know this is a new site and I have a number of things that are still getting of the ground. But Lepus Studios has a great deal of potential and there are some big suprises in store. If you stick around, you can tell everyone that you were one of the first to join in. You are getting in on the ground floor.


P.S. Next week, I am switching to new art supplies, which equals better looking comics. How much better? Tune in next week and find out (same Lepus time, same Lepus channel).