I’m changing the schedule for Draconis Wicked! From now on, a new page of Draconis will appear each and every Monday. The multi-page monthly updates were a noble experiment and they made it possible for me to post the entire first chapter in a single summer. The old system helped me get started, but now it’s holding me back.
Originally, I had one big reason for doing multipage updates and a lot of little reasons for switching to one-page updates. Big, multipage updates create a better reading experience. But with one-page updates, I can update more frequently, people don’t forget about Draconis in the off weeks, I can schedule my drawing time more easily, I can add comic notes to each update (like I do for Urban Underbrush), I can put the latest comic on the Draconis Wicked main page, and the latest comic will always be easier to find.
I had been considering the change for awhile, but then something happened that really made up my mind.  My comics got a short evaluation in the forums of Webcomics.com. Webcomic.com editor and legendary webcartoonist Brad Guigarsuggested that my stuff would be more popular if I made it easier for readers to share the comics. But Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds are all designed to share one page of content at a time. If I want to network, it makes more sense to go with the flow, instead of trying to reinvent conventions. I’m just not famous enough for that kind of thing yet.
So when you visit the Draconis Wicked page, you’ll see that the latest comic is now outfitted with Facebook, Twitter and RSS buttons for your convenience. If you happen to like a page, then please pass it on.
I look forward to seeing what other changes the new schedule brings.