December is upon us and the holiday season is beginning. This is the time of year where many of us are at our most charitable. If any of you are considering making donations to any worthy causes, I’d like to bring this one to your attention. Comic Creators for Freedom is holding another drive to help victims of modern day slavery.

From December 2 to December 14, Comic Creators for Freedom will be accepting donations for Love 146, a treatment facility for victims of slavery, kidnapping, and exploitation.

In return for a donation of any amount, you will receive an impressive gift. 167 different webcartoonists have each contributed a different character drawing, and all of these drawings have been combined into a desktop wallpaper. This high-res image is not available anywhere else. The only way to get one is to be contributor.

This year, the webcomic wallpaper has an extra special theme: awkward school photos! Yes, you can see 167 of your favorite characters as they would have looked in elementary school or high school. (I’ve seen the preview image – you can tell who went to school in the 80’s and 90’s.)

For my contribution, I drew Urban Underbrush’s Leslie McGrath as an eleven-year-old grade schooler. As a reward for reading this far, I’m going to post a clip from my contribution:

If you want to see the whole thing, you have to go make a donation. Here’s that link again: Comic Creators for Freedom

Again, I am honored to be able to take part in this. My deepest thanks to anyone who donates, or even passes the word along.