(Originally Posted Oct. 1, 2010)

Many things in my life are falling into place. My computer is rebuilt and working like new. Also, l’ll be starting a new job soon. (No worries, I should still have plenty of time to draw cartoons.) With so many big things in my life either leveling out or changing, I can’t help but feel like my comics are hitting a plateau. It is no longer a challenge fo me to write and post one comic a week. I’m making this too easy on me. So I’m thinking that I need to devote more hours to the graphic novel, update Urban Underbrush more often, or spend more time marketing this site. (It should probably be some combination of the three.)

I’m getting a little slowed down by the upcoming Urban Underbrush story. The new story starts out with these gag-a-day comics, like I have been doing so far, but I want it to grow into something with a little more depth and character development. I can’t shake the feeling that these characters have a lot of personnality, but only a fraction of it is coming across in the comic strips. I need to improve my writing so Urban Underbrush can live up to it’s potential.

If you are a fan of gag-a-day comics, don’t worry. I plan to keep ending most of/all of the comics with punchlines. I don’t want to take anything away from the current comics. I just want to bring out more of what’s already there.

I can’t make any announcements on the new schedule just yet. I won’t know how long the comics will take to draw until I have finished the scripts. When I have it figured out, you’ll be the first to know.