(Originally posted Aug. 19, 2011)

Sorry for the delay, folks. I suspect you’ve all been very patient while I’ve been away.

I had scheduled a little vacation to Boston, so I wasn’t able to get the comic up at its usual hour. Before this week, I’ve often wondered if traveling web cartoonists spent their trips worrying about delayed updates while they were away. The answer to this is “no.” Sure, I gave my work a passing thought, but no one wants to spend their vacation fretting about things that are out of their control.

Anyway, I’m back to work and planning new and exciting things for the weeks ahead.

And if anyone’s interested, I had a really nice trip and I would recommend a visit to Boston to just about anyone. (Anyone who doesn’t mid walking around a lot, because you probably don’t want to drive if you can help it.) There’s a neat mix of historical artifacts and cheesy tourist stuff. It’s kind of like an American Revolution version of a Renaissance fair. An unexpected treat was the “Ghosts and Gravestones Fright-Seeing Tour.” If you ever get to try it, ask for Jonathan. He’s a pretty good actor and if he finds out that you’re a huge geek, he’ll sneak Dr. Who jokes into his prepared tour.

Happy Trails.