Lepus Logo About Lepus Studios

Lepus Studios is an independent art and comic studio solely operated by Marjorie Rishel. Its purpose to share and promote her original comics and other art.

The name “Lepus” comes from the rabbit constellation.

Slasher About Urban Underbrush

Urban Underbrush is a comic strip that updates each Thursday. The story is a comedy for readers of all ages.

Urban Underbrush is the story of two Jack Rabbits who live like people and their human neighbors who live like animals. What else can you expect from a place like The Grass Roots Boarding House, an old city building that’s been taken over by its roof garden. Luckily, the twelve residents have found reasons to enjoy, or at least tolerate, their earthy home.

Flight About Draconis Wicked

Draconis Wicked is a full-length graphic novel that updates with a new page each Monday. The story is mostly appropriate for readers of all ages, but it does contain some acts of violence (Saturday morning cartoon violence.)

In the distant land of Fabelore, Draconis is a henchman for the villainous Malcorona. While on a mission, Draconis stumbles upon the path to an ancient magic which could give him the power to rule the world. Instead of revealing his discovery to his master, Draconis decides to quest for the magic himself. To succeed, he will need to gather a team, find weapons, and unlock secrets, all while avoiding Malcorona’s attention.

me About Marjorie Rishel

Marjorie Rishel is an art and tech teacher, a cartoonist and a gamer. She holds a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from Duquesne University, where she picked up many of her multimedia skills.

Marjorie has been a guest artist for many popular webcomics, includingThe Legend of Bill, Zorphbert and Fred, Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life, Uh-Oh, It’s a Dinosaur, and The SuperFogeys. She also contributed a comic strip for publication in Axe Cop, Volume 3. Her interests in games, toys, comics and animation are normal and not at all unhealthy.

Noko Noko Bonus: About Noko-Noko

Noko-Noko is a box turtle and the Lepus Studios Mascot. I know, you are probably thinking that the mascot should be a rabbit. But I don’t have a rabbit, I have a turtle and so get used to it.

His full name is Noko-Noko Brunelleschi Turtle. He is very smart. He can push doors open, climb fences, and carry small objects in his mouth.

About Ninth Runs Wild

Ninth Runs Wild is a “cousin” to Lepus Studios. It is another art and webcomic site, which was founded by Kristine Synowka, Marjorie’s cousin. Lepus Studios and Ninth Runs Wild will often team up for art, comics, web events, and other exciting endeavors.